How to Spot a Scam?

There are many different types of scams happening today. At we are hyper-focused to tackle any scams that happen online. With proper education, we should be able to reduce the success rate of online scammers to where it does not make sense for them to spend their time on this type of unethical behavior.

Here are some top scams that are happening today that are scamming people billions of dollars every year.

Scams that affect consumers:

  • Fake Ecommerce Stores – These online stores pop-up around all different holidays like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, New Years, ect… They usually spend a good amount of money on advertising on Facebook or other social media outlets with a ton of comments and reviews. This is used to build credibility so you feel confident in purchasing from their store. Read more to understand how to identify these scam traps.
  • Mortgage Closing Scams – This is one of the most devastating scams as you can lose your life savings and have no way to get it back. Scammers will send emails from your hacked realtor’s email account or spoof their email address to send you closing information on where to wire transfer money for your downpayment. Once you wire the money, if you do not reverse it in 24 hours, the money will be gone forever.
  • Work from Home Scams
  • Debt Collector Scams
  • Foreclosure Relief Scams

Scams that affect businesses

  • CEO Phishing Scam
  • Bogus Invoice Scams
  • Agent “Transfer” Scam

Our goal is very simple. Build awareness around these types of scams so people do not fall for them. Education is the #1 way to stop these scammers in their tracks.

So we ask for your help. Please share our on your social media to help spread the knowledge of these types of scams especially around holidays when scammers in full swing because consumer spending goes up.