How to Help?

There are some easy ways that you can help us!

  • The #1 free way to that you can help is by sharing some of our best tips when looking out for scams through facebook, twitter, and any other social media outlets.

The best sharable content you can share on social media is “How to spot Fake Ecommerce Websites”! These start popping up every year around the holidays and scam millions out of people every year.

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  • Donate – Help us grow the infrastructure and technology we need to combat scammers. All donations are used to help stop scammers from ruining people’s lives. The best way to stop scammers is by educating the public. The money donated will be used in advertising campaigns to make people aware of different scams to make sure they do not fall victim to them.
  • Submit Potential Scams to – If you found a website that might be a scam, please submit the info so our team can review it and it will get added to for people to review and share their experience